Following on from Coreod Care, Coreod Space specializes in e-mental health, offering science-based therapies implemented at the Space Neuropsychology Lab (LIRNAS).

A large part of our work involves transferring the knowledge acquired at LIRNAS to the development of applications for the general public.

Our mobile, VR and Metaverse applications respond to identified needs to support people in their daily lives.

At the heart of the Coreod Space project lies a conviction: there is a balance between overcoming one’s own limitations and psychological well-being.

Based on collaborative research with astronauts in their daily lives and the challenges they face (stress management, mental health), we are gathering a body of useful data that can be transferred to the general public to support each individual in his or her personal and psychological development.

We are taking this scientific and technological gamble to encourage the emergence and innovation of new, adapted psychological treatments, and to extend therapeutic follow-up support to stages both upstream and downstream of therapies.

We are committed to ensuring that tomorrow psychology becomes accessible to as many people as possible, and contributes to better mental health in our society.
This is the cornerstone of our profession.